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Tel (+54 261) 4900202/115
Ruta Provincial N° 15 (Vieja Ruta N° 40), km 32
(5507) Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, ARGENTINA

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Patagonia Atlantic Wines

The breeze of the sea, the complexity of the soil are expressed in line, with the freshness that is characteristic of a single area not explored as it is the Atlantic Patagonia.


Popular science states that 3 years of aging in a cellar are equivalent to 1 year under water. We decided this was something we wanted to test ourselves, so in 2019 we launched a research project just off the coast of the province of Rio Negro, in the south Atlantic Ocean.

In cooperation with the Comahue University in Patagonia we started to analyze the effect of temperature, light, pressure and sea movements at different depths and its impact in wine aging and evolution.

The first step was making sure that no cross contamination took place. We worked with the local environmental agency to make sure that we were respectful of the underwater ecosystem and protected the wine by using stainless steel cages and special wax closures for the corks. Furthermore, as part of our growing appreciation for the wildlife and the ecosystem of this region, we have started working with the California Coastal Alliance on research projects relating to the whales in the south Atlantic Ocean.

In August 2020 we hosted a tasting of the first bottles of Wapisa Malbec (2017) with our technical team. The evolution of the wine surpassed our expectations: after 8 months under the sea the wine expressed a higher complexity in aromas and taste, with a remarkable fruit expression when compared to the sister wines that we aged in our cellars. We encountered a delicious and mature wine, with a much longer aftertaste.

The difference was remarkable and the project a success.

This project has inspired not only consumers and the research community, but also the local diving community and regional tourism agencies. We are excited to continue working on this project and hope you join us in tasting the extraordinary wines born from it!


Submarine cellar location: Las Grutas.

Oak aging: 8 months.

Underwater aging: 8 months.

Depth: 10 meters.

Average temperature: 15 * C

Pressure: 1 bar.

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Bodega ZOLO: Monday to Friday, 10 am, 11.30 am, 3 pm. Saturdays and holidays from 10am & 11:30 pm
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Wapisa Winery: for visits & tastings, please send us an email to wapisaturismo@gmail.com or a whatsapp message to +54 9 2920 30-9386

Ruta Provincial N° 15 (Vieja Ruta N° 40), km 32
(5507) Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, ARG - OPEN MAP