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Tel (+54 261) 4900202/115
Ruta Provincial N° 15 (Vieja Ruta N° 40), km 32
(5507) Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, ARGENTINA

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We produce our wines with vineyards located at different altitudes and latitudes ranging from 30 to 920 to 1,400 meters above sea level; embraced by the imposing mountains of the Andes or receiving the breeze of the Atlantic Ocean.

The grapes in the different locations, found a perfect combination of soil, climate with optimal solar radiation and good temperature amplitude in summer. This, aided by a knowledge canopy and irrigation management, allows us to produce grapes with a great potential, structure and maximum quality in each varietal.

We select grapes from the so-called first zone of vineyards, the most important and extensive in the Argentina wine region and one of the major wine regions of South America. Located in Agrelo, Alto agrelo and Maipú, Mendoza for the Zolo line; in the Uco Valley, Vistaflores, Tupungato and San Pablo, for Tapiz line; and in San Javier Río Negro, for Wapisa, the oceanic line.

Finca Don Javier
14 hectares in Maipú, with more than 80-year-old vineyards. Declared historical heritage, is home for Club Tapiz, and Casa Zolo, our olive oil facility and where we produce our sparkling wines.
Finca Las Llamas
90 hectares in Agrelo, along the wine route which connects several wineries in Mendoza .Here is Zolo Winery.
Finca El Jarillal
Alto Agrelo
242 hectares in Alto Agrelo, on route 86, road to the Uco Valley, where soil and microclimate generates a perfect combination to obtain excellent grapes.
Finca San Pablo
Valle de Uco
452 hectares in the upper Uco Valley near the town of Tupungato, foothill of the Andes, this high altitude vineyard is located at 1,340 m, one of the highest in Mendoza, and is where we produce the grapes for the Alta Collection and Black Tears. The Tapiz Boutique Winery is located in this property.
Finca Las Uvas
La Arboleda, Tupungato
30 hectares in La Arboleda, Tupungato at almost 1100 m altitude, where the Malbec grape gets its best colors and aromas, This property has been certified organic by OIA
Finca Bella Vista
Vista Flores
60 hectares in Vista Flores, to the South of Mendoza and 1100 m.
Finca Los Nogales
35 hectares of excellent terroir to 1100 meters with an excellent exposure to the Sun and gentle slope, in organic certification process OIA.
Finca Río Yacochuya
Yacochuya, Cafayate
85 hectares in Yacochuya, Cafayate, Salta province, on Route 40 at 6560 feet (2200m)
Finca Los Acantilados
San Javier, Viedma
FINCA LOS ACANTILADOS 60 hectares in San Javier, Viedma: ocean influence, whose breeze ensures health care in the vineyards and good thermal amplitude that confer special typical wines.

Bodega ZOLO: Monday to Friday, 10 am, 11.30 am, 3 pm. Saturdays and holidays from 10am & 11:30 pm
turismo@tapiz.com.ar - (+54 9 261) 3647814VISITS & TASTINGS


Wapisa Winery: for visits & tastings, please send us an email to wapisaturismo@gmail.com or a whatsapp message to +54 9 2920 30-9386

Ruta Provincial N° 15 (Vieja Ruta N° 40), km 32
(5507) Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, ARG - OPEN MAP